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  • Sociology in Pictures: Theories and Concepts / Research Methods

    Theories and Concepts

    Sociology in Pictures: Theories and Concepts is a fresh and exciting publication based on styles from graphic novels and comics. It introduces theories and concepts using entertaining and informative pictures drawn by a leading comic illustrator. Sociology in Pictures: Theories and Concepts offers an effective and novel learning experience. The content ranges from Marx on capitalism, Durkheim on anomie and Weber on rational action, through to Castells on the network society, Bauman on liquid modernity and Elliott on the reinvention society. Contents 1. Culture 2. Social control 3. Marxism 4. Alienation 5. Emile Durkheim 6. Anomie 7. Functionalism 8. Functions of religion 9. Max Weber 10. Rational action 11. Stratification 12. The Chicago School 13. Symbolic interactionism 14. Interaction processes 15. Acting the part 16. Ethnomethodology 17. Phenomenology 18. Feminism 19. Gender 20. Michel Foucault 21. Pierre Bourdieu 22. Postmodern society 23. Late modernity 24. The second modernity 25. Liquid modernity 26. Globalisation 27. The network society 28. The reinvention society 29. Common sense 30. References Also available is Sociology in Pictures: Theories and Concepts Self-Study and Teacher’s Guide.

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