About Us

From his close circle of friends to students and relatives, everybody is familiar with Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir’s love for books. He has a personal library containing over 10 thousand books, and he keeps enlarging it with new books he gathers from all around the world.

He had been the executive editor of Mediacat Kitapları (Mediacat Books) between the years 1998 and 2006, and during his time, he has provided the publication of several bestseller books in Turkish. The Kitap Yayınları (The Kitap Publications) was founded in 2014 by Prof. Dr. Bir and Emrah Akkurt with a background such as this, focusing primarily on quality Business&Economy books.

After Akkurt left the partnership in 2016, Bir took on the tast of managing The Kitap on his own. Since then (apart from Business&Economy), The Kitap started focusing on non-fiction books in different fields, such as Self-Help, Psychology, Sociology, Communication, Media, Political Science, History and so on. In 2018, The Kitap started working with fictional books, and is planning to concentrate on works of Children’s Literature in 2019.

Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir is also one of the founders of İletişim Bilimleri Enstitüsü (Institution of Communication Sciences).


Our Mission

To contribute to the development of intelectual capital in Turkey.

Our Vision

To be a reliable, trustworthy publishing house with bestseller books; to carry on the values we have created in every channel possible.

Our Values

Turkish language, Conscientiousness, Diversity, Esteem, Candor.