About Us

Prof. Dr. The book publications, which operates under the name of Aabir introductory press publishing under the leadership of Ali Atıf Bir, was founded in 2014 to bring qualified business and economics books into Turkish, but today it brings important books to readers in different categories of Turkey and the world. Personal development, psychology, sociology, communication, media, political science, history kurgudisi in categories such as books with the aim of contributing to the development of intellectual capital in Turkey with selling Nutritional the lies, the brain lies in how to use Philosophy in everyday life; salt, oil, Acid, Heat, and communication with, such as the book and the decision book has gained a wide readership by presenting important works of the Turkish readers. The Roman publications under the same roof is the first publication in 2018 by Michael J.He began his activities with seidlinger’s most foreign novel. He continues to publish classical and contemporary works in Turkish, Foreign novel and short story genres.

In 2019, she debuted her first philosophy book with children’s publications and started to introduce instructive books to tiny readers through the children’s publications label.

To contribute to the development of intellectual capital in Turkey.

To be a publishing house with “reliable, honest and bestselling books”; to maintain the value we generate on every channel.

Our values are Turkish, rigour, diversity, respect, honesty.

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